AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020 All Shift: Questions Asked (Memory Based)

AFCAT Admit Card 2020
AFCAT Admit Card 2020

AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020, All Shift : 22 and 23 February (Detailed): AFCAT is conducted by Air Force recruiting authorities twice in an year and AFCAT 1 2020 Shift-1 was conducted on 22 February 2020 successfully. We at DigitalFauji value your preparation and efforts of taking bold step to join Indian Air Force. Hence we are providing you  AFCAT Exam Analysis 2020 which includes Difficulty level, good number of attempts, number of question asked from different section. AFCAT exam consist of four sections and EKT for (technical) branch

Examination pattern of the Online AFCAT-1 2020 Exam:

Exam Subject Duration No. of questions Max. marks
AFCAT General Awareness,verbal ability in English, Numerical ability and reasoning and military aptitude test 02 Hours 100 300
EKT(for Ground Duty technical branch only) Mechanical, computer science and electrical &electronics 45 Minutes 50 150

AFCAT 1 2020 Exam Analysis: Detailed

The Shift-1 and Shift -2  of AFCAT-1 2020 is over and this exam was of a Moderate Level. According to students review, following are the good attempts for AFCAT 2020 exam:

Section Level Good Attempts
 English Language Easy 15-18
Numerical Ability Moderate 10-13
Test Of Reasoning Easy-Moderate 22-25
General Knowledge Moderate 15-16
Overall Moderate 60-70

In Depth Analysis of AFCAT 2020

English Language

In AFCAT 2020 Exam, English Language had moderate level. In AFCAT 2020 English Questions were asked from error detection, vocabulary, grammar usage, idiom and phrases etc. Below we have provided the details of the questions asked

Topic No of Questions Level
Fill in the blacks 4 Moderate
Error Detection 3 Moderate
Idioms/Phrases 3 Easy-Moderate
Reading Comprehension 2 Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 6 Moderate
Cloze test 5 Moderate-Difficult
Total 23 Moderate

Numerical Ability

In AFCAT 2020 Exam, Quantitative Aptitude was easy to moderate level. Most of the questions were based directly on formulas.. Questions were from basic mathematics. We have provided the detail analysis of the number of questions asked from each section.

Topic No of Questions Level
Profit/Loss and Discount 2 Easy-Moderate
Ratio & Percentage 3 Easy-Moderate
Mixture & allegations 2 Moderate
Algebra 2 Easy-Moderate
Time and Work 2 Easy
Simplification 3 Easy
Speed and Distance 2 Easy
Average 2 Easy-Moderate
Total 18 Easy

Reasoning and Military aptitude

Reasoning questions had moderate level in AFCAT 2020 Exam. The question pattern of this section was same and candidate who had prepared can attempt all the questions of AFCAT reasoning

Topic No of Questions Level
Non-Verbal (Image) 10 Moderate
Odd one out 5 Moderate
Analogy 5 Moderate
Venn diagram 4 Easy-Moderate
 Complete the pattern 5 Moderate
Miscellaneous 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 34 Moderate

General Awareness

In AFCAT 2020  Exam, GK plays a great role and questions were form history, polity, economics, current affairs, geography etc. A candidate can score well in this section if he has basic knowledge of the General Knowledge subjects and have good knowledge of recent current affairs.

Topic No of Questions Level
History 5 Easy-Moderate
Geography 4 Moderate
Science 5 Moderate-Difficult
Polity 4 Moderate-Difficult
Current Affairs and Economics 7 Moderate
Total 25 Moderate


AFCAT 2020 Shift -2 Questions 22 Feb (Memory Based)

  1. International civil aviation council headquarters.
  2. Number of players in one team in kabbadi.
  3. CK Naidu trophy is related to which sports?
  4. Antonym of naive
  5. Idioms : (i) Between the devil and deep blue sea; (ii) Get into the hot waters
  6. 1st Asian game held at
  7. Which sultan of Delhi sultanate won most territory
  8. Which state celebrated 25th statehood day : Himachal Pradesh
  9. Both RC and Cloze passage were asked with 3 questions in each
  10. 1st sultan of Delhi sultanate to issue coin…
  11. Which two rivers fall in Arabian sea.
  12. Half Nelson related to which sports:  Wrestling
  13. Brunei capital
  14. which gas is used in the process of making soda?
  15. Who is the author of One Indian girl?
  16. In which city Sanchi Stupa is located?
  17. Who presided 1938 congress session?
  18. Apple satellite launch date?
  19. Southern most point of India?
  20. Name the leader of Haripura session
  21. Which gas is known as Silent Killer?
  22. Atom:Electron ,curd:milk,sound:music (Analogy)
  23. G7 countries
  24. When Bay of Bengal recieves cyclone ?
  25. Yashin Merchant is related to which sports?
  26. which is known as Greater Circle ?
  27. 1st man to take hat-trick in test match ?
  28. name the states which were part of mexico earlier but now they are un US ?
  29. Name the dancer who belongs to Odishi dance form : Sanjukta Panigrahi
  30. Chairman of Fundamental Rights & Minorities in the constitution of India?
  31. Napolean of India: Samudragupta
  32. Bombay High field
  33. 1st sultan of delhi to introduce regular currency : Iltutmish
  34. ‘A’ can do a work in 10 days. ‘A’ work for 4 days and ‘B’ finished the remaining work in 9 days. In how many days both will finish their work together?
  35. ‘P’ & ‘Q’ completes the work in 10 days, ‘Q’ & ‘R’ in 15 days and ‘R’ & ‘S’ in 20 days. find the individual time taken by them.
  36. 2 trains start from Pune and Goa towards each other at the speeds of 50 km/hr & 40 km/hr respectively. At the time of their meeting, the 1st train has travelled 80 km more than 1st. The distance from Pune to the the place of their meeting is?
  37. The length of head of a fish is 12 cm. The length of tail is equal to the head’s tail and 1/3rd of the body length. Find the length of the body, if length of body is equal to length of head + length of tail.
  38.  2 persons are running in circular path in opposite direction at the speeds of 16 km/hr and 18 km/hr. Find the time when they will met first. Diameter of the circle is 30 cm.

AFCAT 2020 Shift -2 Questions 22 Feb (Memory Based)

  1. Number of player in volleyball
  2. Hq of SAARC
  3. Goa was given Statehood
  4. Durand cup
  5. Last ruler of mughal dynasty
  6. Coal: Thermal:: Water: (Hydal Energy)
  7. Energy: Joule:: Current: (Ampere)
  8. Engineer: Machine:: Doctor: ?
  9. Satyagrapha started from
  10. Northeast wind brings monsoon to which part of India.
  11. Whose nickname is tiger.
  12. Man of tha match of 1975 worldcup
  13. Gagan Narang is assosiated with which game.
  14.  Time international line
  15. Capital of SOLIVENIA

AFCAT 2020 Shift -2 Questions 23 Feb (Memory Based)

  1. Equator passes through which continent
    2. Buland darwaza was built for win in which city
    3. Which sport isn’t in Olympics -Cricket
    4. Where is UNIDP HQ
    5. Ms subbalakshmi belongs which type music
    6. Anirban Lahiri Associated with?
    7. Question Asked from venn Diagram
    8. Ryder cup Associated which sport
    9. Navy operation in 1971 warTime and distance: two person moving in same direction with speed x and y. Distance after 7.5 hours. ( x and y were given)
    13. Ben Jhonson athlete belongs to which country

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AFCAT Admit Card 2020

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