Believe in yourself , that’s all you really need to do

Believe in yourself , that's all you really need to do .
Believe in yourself , that's all you really need to do .

Believe in yourself , that’s all you really need to do .


Jai Hind everyone there
I am Ankush Kumar recently got recommend from 11 SSB Allahabad in my very first attempt.

Here my SSB experience

On the very first day, 48 of the total were reported. Then we had our verification and check of COVID 19 certificate.
After that, we begin with our oir my oir went very well as I was fully prepared for this😎
Then ppdt test was held I wrote a decent story with the normal character. I completed my story on time. confidently spoken my story in narration took part in discussion 2 3 times (giving positive points so that group can move forward ).

Tips:1. you don’t have to fight there or show your aggressive nature be calm and have a healthy discussion.
2. When you speak point which help the group to move forward not back

After ppdt result declared 18 of us got screen in..

Next day Psychology test held.

In which I completed all TAT WAT SRT

TIPS: my writing speed is good so I managed to write all you must practice more and more so you can complete the test on time.


Then we had our gto task…

Gto task was a bit challenging with that mask and face cover😂😂

Tried my best to do best in all and cooperate with buddy mates.

I completed 9 io and my command task was also very easy.

Made a practical and logical response in gpe and had a healthy discussion.

Tips: gto is seeing your group coordination so don’t be like I will do all things alone

Don’t act like a leader act like a group member leader you will become after training.


80 Days in SSB: Lived Army Life before PoP

Then I had my interview

I was quite scared at the beginning of my interview ( being a fresher and having no idea at all ) ( no coaching remember )
But later on, composed myself and gave my best in it. My interview went quite smoothly as I didn’t utter a single negative thing and dwelled mostly on positive aspects of mine.

I O tried to grill me on my hobbies.
Make sure you know everything about what you write in your PIQ.

Then on conference day: my chest was called this what happens

” So Ankush, tell me how does it feel to be here for the first time and having no army background at all, don’t you think your peer has an edge over you? How do you manage that?” asked my Interviewing officer who obviously knew I was a fresher and the first in my family to have dreamt of joining NDA.

Modern History + Indian Geography Mock Test

” Sir, I believe the environment in which I grew up, although not military, helped me inculcate in myself a sense of discipline which I believe is unparalleled. The moment I saw the documentary of NDA, I knew what I wanted and I made sure nothing held me back in achieving that dream. I’m like a guided ship with nothing else to look forward to other than NDA.”

And that was it. The IO smiled and eventually I was recommended for NDA in my very first attempt without any prior coaching.

Believe in yourself, that’s all you really need to do.
Aspirants reading this, ” Let’s meet up in NDA and be ready for ragda “.

Jai Hind !!!

Believe in yourself , that's all you really need to do .

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