Everything you need to know about Y2K Bug: The Millennium Bug

Everything you need to know about Y2K Bug
Everything you need to know about Y2K Bug


Y2K BUG: Generally,as per the human,the bug word is used for bacteria. Talking about the computer world, the bug is an error in the COAS General Bipin Rawat Appointed as India’s 1st Chief of Defence Staffsoftware program.


Y2K is an acronym for the Year 2000. This term is used for the software error of 2000. At the dawn of the year 2000, the computer engineers were in a state of daze. Reason being that in the 1960s the cost of computer memories was very high. This made they reduced the length of writing year in dates.

For example, 1998 was written as 98 only to cut short the memory user space that led to reducing the cost of memory.

An article published and stated this bug as 2000 DOOMSDAY. The engineers around the world were worried that all the data in the banks, the aircraft and all the institutions will be lost. Then by the mutual co-operation of all the engineers around the world solved this issue and they saved the data and the work continued in the 21st century further.


India played a major role in this. This made the IT SECTORS of India bloomed. The cities like Banglore became world-famous for the IT sector. The BPO industries bloomed. That is the reason that the IT sector have 6.7% contribution in GDP. That was only 1.6 in 1998.
As India emerged under this type of threat, that’s why honourable PM Narendra Modi compared the threat of Covid-19 with this.

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Everything you need to know about Y2K Bug

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