How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview: Tips by Recommended Candidate

How to fill PIQ in SSB Interview
How to fill PIQ in SSB Interview

How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview: There are certain points aspirants need to remember while filling the PIQ form in SSB Interview: Personal Information Questionnaire,  (PIQ) is a very important form and it matters a lot in SSB Interview. You might be asked to fill this form on the very first day of your SSB interview else after you clear your stage 1, you will be provided two copies of the PIQ form to fill. This is not just a form so don’t try to take this form as a formality and fill it casually. It actually holds a very important role in the whole SSB process because this form represents the whole. you, what you think, how you understand things and other factors. Your psychologist and an interviewing officer will be getting an idea about your personality through this form only. So whatever you write should be true and impressive. In this article, we will provide you with the tips and information as to how to write and fill your PIQ form.

How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview

Many candidates are confused as how to fill the PIQ form and how much importance does this form have in the SSB interview. First, let me tell you -what are the things that is being asked in the PIQ form. The forms have two pages which need to be filled by the aspirants. The first page of PIQ consists of general questions related to you, your family, your hometown and Educational Qualification and your achievements. Second page if PIQ form consists of questions related to your professional life like present occupation, NCC training, participation in games and extracurricular activities, choice of service and no. of attempts availed for Indian Armed Forces.

Tips to fill the PIQ form in SSB

  • The most important and key point while writing this form is to write the honest answer and true answer so that you would be able to show your same personality in the psychological test and as well as in your personal interview. Writing truth will make you more confident while answering the questions in the interview and this can be seen on by your face and body language, and believe the interviewer will be looking for the same and he is smart enough to identify whether you are lying or speaking the truth.
  • Whatever you write in the PIQ, you must be aware of it and you should be able to answer any questions asked. Research everything about your hometown and your family background and make sure you talk facts.
  • Write everything in capital letters and in neat and legible handwriting.
  • If you are not good in academics than you must have good interests, hobbies, NCC training to justify your progress as a good human being. If you still don’t have these, keep calm and relax and start developing good hobbies and interests. Because you have to generate their interest in yourself ,you have to showcase your quality which make them convince to take you.
  • Start thinking in a broad way and practising productive things in life. Make these things your daily routine so that you would be able to say these things in SSB interview without any hesitation and also shall be able to write out of the box and productive story.

The only thing which can help you crack this interview is Practice Practice and Practice. Start practising writing PIQ 4-5 times before going to SSB and think what questions could be asked from it and prepare those questions with best possible answers with logic well in advance. Also, practise verbal and non-verbal questions to get good OIR score. Writing a deceptive content and not able to justify them in Interview will definitely lead to rejection.

So you not only practice how to write PIQ but you have to be very much sure what you write, your answers should be justified by yourself.

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How to fill PIQ in SSB Interview

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