Indian Technology vs China Technology: Full Comparison Here

Indian Technology vs China Technology: There is a capability gap between the countries when it comes to technology. As India has been a little slow in the start and therefore over the years, a capability differential has come between India and China. China has been able to invest a lot of funds in ensuring that they imbibe technology. They have sent their people abroad to different western nations to study and learn their technologies and therefore they have been able to imbibe some technology and so, certainly have a lead over India. But while China has a lead over India, Indians are also working and evolving technologies to make sure that they come at par with China.

China is capable of launching cyber-attacks against India

                                                                       – Gen Bipin Rawat

The biggest differential lies in the field of cybersecurity. India knows that China is capable of launching cyber-attacks on it and that China can disrupt a large number of its systems.

Indian Technology vs China Technology: What India is doing?

What India is trying to do is create a system to ensure cyber defense. And India has been able to therefore create its own cyber agency within the armed forces. Each service also has its own agency to ensure that even if they come under a cyber-attack, the downtime and the effect of the cyber-attack do not last long. India should be able to overcome the cyber-attacks and continue with its systems either through alternate means or preventive means through firewalls.

While we are creating firewalls we have to be sure that they will break these firewalls and we will have cyber-attacks on our networks, but then also they shouldn’t be able to affect our efficiency and working.

India is also working on for how long its Systems will be down and how they’ll operate through that phase of cyber-attack. This is something which is been addressed in a serious manner by India.

There is a technology difference between India and China, one cannot deny that but India can overcome this technology difference only if we integrate our three services resources and improve the inter-services operational capabilities.

Economic development and increments in scientific knowledge and technology, which in turn rest on R&D, are interconnected. India is falling behind and must allocate a greater share to R&D. Increments in scientific knowledge and technology and economic development are positively co-related. Technological advancement can bring about more efficient use of resources, which not only helps in the field of security but also helps in reducing poverty and expanding economic output.

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