India’s 1st nuclear missile tracking ship

INS Vikrant
INS Vikrant

Recently India revealed its first secretly launched Nuclear missile tracking ship. They call this vessel VC 11184, which is a specialized Ocean surveillance ship (OSS).
It was commissioned in the month of October 2020 but the ceremony was not made public. All the tests and trails were cleared in the waters in 2020 but the ship delivery was delayed by few months due to the pandemic.
It is a joint crew of NTRO, DRDO, and Indian Navy that will be operating it.
It’s a great achievement for India as it joined the club with the US, France, China, and Russia who had such systems to track missile launches at sea.
It is a 15000-tonne class vessel constructed by Hindustan shipyard limited in Visakhapatnam.

INS Vikramaditya-R33

INS Vikramaditya-R33

Initially, it was built under a covered dry dock to keep it a secret, but after 2018 it was docked in the open.
It can carry around 300 crew along with that it is equipped with hi-tech gadgets and communication equipment.
It is run on 2 diesel engines and has a helicopter landing space on it.
It will help to monitor developmental trials of missiles of greater range in India and also help in detecting launches by enemy countries like Pakistan and China.
This specialized OSS has 3 dome-shaped antennae which are packed with sensors.
It will generate a power of over 14 MW to power its tracking radar.
These radars will help in tracking enemy missiles and accurately give data on tests that are routinely carried out of indigenous strategic missiles.
Primary X-band and secondary S-band array radar systems are also fitted in this ship
The total cost of this project was ₹725 crores and it was built under the Make in India initiative. It can track both nuclear and non-nuclear missiles.
It is also one of the largest warships to be built at an Indian yard.
This shows that we are capable of developing technologies that the world thought we wouldn’t, hence making our Navy and defence systems strong and effective.

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