It’s Shriya season, for the best reason! AWARDS and Selections aplenty!

This Filmmaker from Himachal Pradesh, India is making waves in Los
Angeles! Shriya Rana’s “AYESHA” wins a prestigious AWARD at UCLA
film fest and is selected among many big film festivals across the
world, namely, Marina Del Rey, Zuma Film Festival, Festival Angelica!
And so forth. She also bagged two “Best Director” awards previously
for the same and there seems to be more incoming, promising her a
long career in HOLLYWOOD.

The celebrated filmmaker said “My film isn’t easy to watch, there’s this
looming fear of what’s about to come, and for some, this may be just a
fictitious story but for many, it’s a harsh reality, and I had to tell the story
and in this very order.”

She also spoke to the challenges she faced during the production of
the film, how her path wasn’t an easy one and how at one point all
doors seem to have shut on her, but she pushed through like the
powerhouse she is, and made AYESHA against all odds. And good for
her, as the positive reviews and the high praises, are in abundance.

Shriya wrote and directed eight other films, and has produced over ten
films, all within the span of just four years. She also served as
production coordinator at CBS Studios and worked in postproduction, under the Oscar-nominated director/ producer Brett
Morgen, at Public Road Productions. She’s currently working with
a credible crew of filmmakers on various projects, both in FILM & TV, and
just when we thought this was all, she mentioned “I’m simultaneously
also working on making AYESHA a feature-length movie, that way I can
bring this story in front of more eyes, and get more people talking about
societal regression and issues like these.”

Beware Hollywood, as Shriya has brought herself into the forefront of
the discussion and is here to stay. We wish the filmmaker all the
success and a bright future in tinsel town.

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