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Jaihind Folks , My Name Is Kavish Gupta ,I have been recommended from ….

SSB Success Story: Although ,this Story of chasing my burning desire could acknowledge you with some life mantras which you people might have heard but i have lived and experienced it so deeply.

Jaihind Folks ,
My Name Is Kavish Gupta ,I have been recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun ( Afcat entry ) on 30th of October 2021 and declared “Fit” for ‘FLYING BRANCH’ (AFA Course July 22)

Air Force School Agra, where I have actually grown up , I started my learning and foundation building with nursery to 12th standard from there itself. Till 9th standard , i was already been fascinated and inspired by the Gigantic Mighty Birds ( IL 78 ,Il 76 , An32 , AWACKS) who were used to take off and land frequently , as the Air Base was just beside our school , the blasting sound had always penetrated through my heart , it felt like ….Vaah kya baat hai!!
What do u expect from bachcha ? Then i opt For AIR WING JD NCC and with this organization my actual journey started with a lot of exposures towards INDIAN AIR FORCE and somehow I found it very interesting to learn all that magical and flightfull stuff. There were some loving teachers in my school who always admired me for my all rounder skills but that was not enough for me. I tried for NDA for 4 times but couldn’t make it happen, I thought my approch and knowledge was not enough to clear NDA ( a major set back)

School days taught me my personality, my learnings which were not enough to become an officer, however I always beleived in one thing that is ‘Life Need Changes, if you change, you will get to know what u were and what u r now ‘ so I did.

After 12th I got admission in FET ,Agra college( Agra) to pursue BTech , Electronics and Communication Branch from AKTU University. Along my major reason to take admission in agra college was AIR WING NCC , After all I was again going to wear “Wardi” ( pehla pyaar).

Actual challenges were started from my graduation and NCC as it was rule that Btech students cannot opt for the NCC because they are not able to manage with their academics and the wide range of activities they are supposed to perform in NCC. I was even rejected to be recruited but i promised the recruiting officer ANO, that i will prove my worth , so he gave me a chance , (fir kya tha age ki suno.)

Besides i was totally Inspired by SUO Priyadarshan Sharma , one of our ncc seniors because of his combat uniform ( India Titles,National flag on Chest ,INDIA veitnam Souvenir ) and his achievements , the reason wherefore I was determined strongly, I want this anyhow…..nd so I asked him to guide me and he became my Mentor .

Then I started carving myself to achieve it .Total 17 camps I have attempted in my whole NCC tenures.
RDC 2019 ( Rebpublic Day Camp) and YEP ( Youth Exchange Programme) Bangladesh 2019 Were the prominent ones because what i earned were the life time achievements for me . I lead the All India Guard of Honour Troop as A Commander in front of Former Chief of Air Staff , Air Chief Marshal B.S Dhanoa ( well it was a glorious day I ever had 11th jan 2019), I remember
I had been leading the All India Air Wing Guard of Honour Contingent as A platoon Commander in Prime Minister’s Rally ( 28th Jan 2019).
Besides I was Best Cadet from Uttar Pradesh Directorate . Composing all of the above achievements I recieved the Governer’s Medal , and at last for which my whole NCC journey was intent on was , I finally earned that ” Combat Uniform”, “The India Title”, “India Track Suit”, “National Flag🇮🇳 on Chest” ,”The Name Engraved Baton” and “Vo Sukoon”.

Above part was for three years and the most important thing i experienced was That.
“When You Want Something, Then the Whole Universe conspires helping you achieve It” (you might have heard Shah Rukh Khan in the movie )
I actually Lived this. Believe me.

What my conscience says is for whatever i have achieved, they are all actually not the only thing as my achievements .
I achieved in the last years was “A HOPE” , “Eak Umeed”
which tells me what my limits are and how much better I can do each day and in the future. Along with that I believe that I could inculcated the important Traits/OLQs which were important to stand by side with my destiny “to become an IAF Pilot”.

By major efforts I managed the Btech and was able to score satisfactorily. Started to prepare for Afcat. I left all the SSBs of Army and Navy beacuse I Had to Join only “Indian Air Force “.

SSB ……
Well , I was fresher in AFSB so I dont have much to tell u about . But I remember GTO appreciated me for my “Jugaadu” dimaag because I was giving the simplest ideas by just using fatta and balli .We literally crossed all the obstacles in HGT and Command Task so easily , somehow I could Impress Him.😅

My Life was Non uniform , there were many failures which may be I couldn’t mention but I am fortunate enough to learn from my own non -fulfilments nd failures because I have gained a lotta experience in it, to reach the success platform. There were many Set backs and many Comebacks.

I would like to share some views with our young aspirants which i lived through out the journey.

If we have “8 billion people around this world , trust me….we have 8 billion experiences to learn”.

Never Satisfy Yourself with your earnings and learnings because satisfaction would lead you to settle down , so dont get satisfied and don’t stop.

If Problems come in your path order them “Peeche Mud Tej Chal”.

Fire 🔥 in d Eyes , Josh At Highs ⭐ Your Limits can not be Judged By Your Size .

I would like to “Thank you very much” to all who patiently read my story ,and Thanks to My Late Grandfather Ramesh Chandra Gupta ,My Father Kamal Kant Gupta ,My mentors Grp Captain Ks Saini Sir ,Darshan Sir And everyone who had been with me all the time nd in my journey of success.

Special greetings To Digital Fauji ,becoz of their means I could share the journey

Last But Not The least “A lot to come in future from my side , I promise “

“Abhi Rukna Nhi hai”


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