Namaste Trump : US President Donald Trump’s First visit to India

Namaste Trump
Namaste Trump

Namaste Trump : US President Donald Trump’s First visit to India: Warriors, in this article we have provided you all the information related to the United States President Donald Trump first visit to India. Being a Defence aspirant you must be well aware about the Defence Deals and MoU signed during the POTUS visit to India. This article is very important from SSB point of view so stay updated with DIGITALFAUJI for the more latest updates regarding POTUS Visit to India.

Namaste Trump

The MEA said that the “Namaste Trump”, the welcome event organised in Ahemdabad for President Trump’s first India visit will be similar to Howdy Modi event organised in Houston.

The US president Donald Trump is all set to travel for his first visit to India on 24th and 25th February in upcoming week.  US – India relationship has its root in common values, including rule of law and democratic principles. Both the countries have shared interests in promoting global security, stability and economic prosperity through trade, investments and connectivity. The strong people – to – people ties between both the countries are a tremendous source of strength for partnerships.

Well the much anticipated trade agreement between both nations have been downplayed by the president Trump himself. But both sides are likely to sign number of key deals during this visit. So in this very blog we are going to discuss what are the key expectations from Trump’s India visit by understanding the whole dynamics of India-US  relationship.

India-US Relationship: Good Shades

  • India US Civil Nuclear Deals under which India agreed to separate it’s civil and military nuclear facilities and to place all its civil nuclear facilities under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and in response. US agreed to work towards full civil nuclear cooperations with India. Past decade had witnessed nuclear deals of worth billions of dollars.
  • Both the countries are working towards defence cooperation by actively participating in joint military exercises and by signing four foundational agreements.
  1. GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement), signed in 2002, enables the sharing of military information between both the countries and to protect each other’s classified informations.
  2. LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) was signed on 29 August 2016.  This permits the military of either country to use other’s bases for resupplying or carrying out repairs.
  3. COMCAS (Communication, Compatibility and Security Agreement), signed in September 2018 during 2+2 dialogue. It enables two countries to share secure communications band exchanging information on approved equipments during bilateral and multilateral training exercise and operations.
  4. BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) permits geo-spatial cooperation.

India-US Relationship: Bad Shades

  • US – Pak bonhomie :
    • United States has been one of the largest source of FDI in Pakistan and Pakistan’s largest export market, leading to continuous growth of US-Pak trade relations.
    • USA government supports this relationship by funding reverse trade delegations, business conferences, technical assistance and business outreach.
    • US had also supported Pakistan in 1971 war by deploying it’s naval fleet towards Indian Ocean.
  • Trade Failure
    • What US wants?
      • India to eliminate 20% tariffs on ICT products.
      • Greater access for medical devices
      • Removal of price cap on medical devices
      • Also greater access for agricultural goods.
    • What India wants?
      • Access to United States market under GSP program.
      • Facilitations of processes in agro products makers.
      • Greater access in agricultural market.
  • US has warned India against procurement of defence equipments like S-400 missile defence system from Russia.
  • Further US wants India to send it’s forces to Afghanistan.
  • US backed removal of developing nation tag from India.

Way Forward

In terms of expectations, too many expectations have been laid on trade deal. But the fact is that trade is not happening or may not happening as President Trump had indicated recently. So, let’s hang this visit on a single thread. We always had trade problems with US and this is not new. While trade issue is something which we will have to continue to work at. We need to use this opportunity to maximize the strategic convergences that we have.

The convergence of perceptions between India and the US on global and regional issues of common interests provides enormous opportunities for both countries to work closely in reshaping the political order.


Namaste Trump

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