What is Operation Namaste: Everything you need to know


What is Operation Namaste: Operation Namaste, the code name given to to the anti covid-19 operations, by the Indian Army to fight against the the spreading of the pandemic and help government to tackle it safely.
8 quarantine facilities have been set up in the country by the Indian defence forces till now.

What is Operation Namaste

The Indian Army chief General M M Naravane guaranteed Army personnel to not to worry about their loved ones and elimination of the leaves was also there at the time of Operation Parakram and we emerged victorious in that operation. He said we will come out successfully in this operation too.

The command wise helpline number has been provided and in the emergency case the families of the army personnel have been inform to to visit the nearest army camp which had been set up as a part of the Operation Namaste.
General Mukund Naravane added that as an Army Chief it’s his first and foremost duty to keep the army fit and protected from corona virus.

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