Print Media vs Digital Media: Key Points here

Print Media vs Digital Media
Print Media vs Digital Media

Print Media vs Digital Media: Print Media, It is basically the printed version of telling the news.One of the oldest and reachable form of media. It includes magazine and newspaper as basic but also include outdoor billboards, transit posters, the yellow pages, and direct mail.

DIGITAL MEDIA:The media’s that are encoded in machine readable formats.
That can be created, modified,preserved on digital media.There are 3 types of digital medias ON MEDIA, PAID MEDIA and earned media.

Print Media vs Digital Media: SSB Lecturette


-it cannot be modified,so  people who run these media are very cautious.
-it saves a lot of time as it is well organised and compiled too.
-people opt more for digital detox time, so it behaves as a break and relief.
-No distraction.
-available in remote areas , where internet cannot be provided.


-its is one way communication, people cannot share there views.
-very difficult to search for a single article .
-cannot target a specific audience.
-not helpful for people with disabilities.


-gives fast updates.
-easy to spread important news among  people.
-It is a two way communication.
-Gives consumer a sense of community.
-It is eco friendly.
-Famous newspapers are also establishing there own news portals.
-Can search for a piece of news easily.
-Less expensive than advertising on print media.
-can generate revenue form old content also.
-It is democratic unlike print media.

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-fake news is on rise.
-tracks our interest.
-lots of unnecessary news.
-results in health problems.
-cause headline stress disorders.

CONCLUSION: Print  media vs Digital Media

Print media and digital media have there own merits and demerits.If we consider today’s trend , digital media is on fire. Increase in literacy rate, print media is also acquiring users.So we can say it all depends upon person to person.

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Print Media vs Digital Media

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