18 Psych Qualities To Develop A Great Personality

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Psych Qualities to develop great Personality: Our mentality defines who we are. And this article is on the same lines. So let’s get started!

Who wants to be successful? Who wants to love what they do? Who wants to be happy always? Who wants to be loved by our family members, friends, seniors, juniors, etc.? You might be thinking, what are these questions!! Obviously, everyone would like to be successful, happy, love and be loved for what they do. But ask yourself, do you really work hard to achieve the amount of success, happiness, love and ultimately satisfy your mind at the end of the day?

Many of us make resolutions at the starting of a year. But are we sure we stick to those resolutions, aims and targets for the rest of the year? For those who can answer confidently ‘Yes’, it’s really good. But the ones who truly accept that they are not able to keep up to their resolutions, aims or targets, they really need to get back on track and start working on their goals and get what they want. Here is an article, which might help you get aligned to your thoughts back again, which might help you build up clarity, motivation and ‘Fire In The Belly’, which might ultimately help you get onto the track of success, happiness and satisfaction. This is, moreover, with regards to the aspirants of Defence Forces, who are required to be robust, energetic and so capable that they can make a thing happen or stop anything from happening, by hook or by crook.

 Psych Qualities to develop great Personality

Mentioned below are 18 Mental Qualities-cum-Characteristics which can be learnt and followed to be a better, happier and more satisfied person, how you want to be.

  1. Every Minute Gives A Learning Experience:

A learning mindset gives more space to acceptance and grow ourselves further. A person who values every action, minute, and experience as a learning, then he or she has altogether a different level of confidence and motivation. Most of the readers of this article are in the tender age of choosing the career or life they want. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance for us to go through a lot of experiences and learnings. In this context, it is a kind appeal that you go through this article with a learning mindset and paste all the important points in your brain, which would automatically help you in the growth that you want.

To see the current status of ourselves and to target further, below shown is a personality development chart, which shows the stages of a human mind state.

Our Growth

Our Growth

Ideally, it should be our goal to get out of ‘Comfort Zone’, overcome the ‘Fear Zone’, go through the ‘Learning Zone’ and ultimately reach the ‘Growth Zone’.

Regular tracking of our personality will surely help in improving day by day.

As many say, ‘Learning never stops’, we should remember that at every stage shown above, we learn something and hence can improve ourselves. Even in the ‘Growth Zone’, there will be a lot of experiences and learnings. So, make sure, you reach your target Zone and fulfil your dreams.

2. Keeping It Simple.

Often we might see the Recommended candidates mentioning, “The Forces require simple yet outstanding people”. Let us get this elaborated. In more than 95% of the activities that we do in our daily life, we might observe we do not do anything of really great complexity. We do simple activities with a loads of thoughts. In SSBs and many interviews, it is checked how are we dealing with multiple things at the same time. The simple solution for this is to keep the things simple. We are required to do XYZ thing. Simple. We do it with perfection. It might require a lot of preparation and practice to have that perfection, and hence here is where it comes “Practice makes a man Perfect!”. In Defence, practice and drills are of high importance. If we have this habit of making the things simple, automatically we will be able to perform more and better in limited time, giving us utmost satisfaction. Simple!

3. Energy and Synergy Are The Key:

It is believed, one’s mental capability is what makes him/her what he/she is. This includes our energy, and synergy between what we think, do and speak. Energy, viz. Will, Wish and the internal fire to do something, which are the basic parameters for anyone to do anything. Synergy between our thoughts, actions and speech are what makes us stable and calm. It is hence said, ‘he who can control his mind, has won most of the battle of life’. Once, a retired Indian Air Force Officer said, we humans don’t need much of ‘Time Management’. Rather we need better ‘Energy Management’. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and no one gets 23 or 26 or lesser or more hours. It is an individual, who needs to decide how to use these 24 hours, by channelizing his or her energy, with synergy and make the best out of it!


4. You Play Sports, You Are Physically Fit. You Have Sportsmanship, You Are Mentally Fit:

Often, we think, we should play outdoor games or a sport to be physically fit. But if we observe carefully, while playing any rigorous breath or mind exhausting game, we try to push ourselves towards Winning and break our limits. Even we might face any small failures in the game, we try to forget it and move ahead towards the goal of Winning. This is what develops a thought process of ‘let’s forget the failure, and try more, to win’ or we can say ‘Forget whatever went wrong, let’s make the use of the opportunity at hand and try to Win’, which is also called ‘Sportsmanship’. Life is quite the same. Almost each human being faces a challenge, issue, problem, or failure on a daily basis. But he or she comes out of it when they try to push themselves towards facing and completing the challenge, resolving the issue or problem, and ultimately going towards the Win. So, from now, let’s play a sport for being not just physically, but also mentally fit, and develop the ‘Sportsmanship’ quality that is assessed thoroughly in SSB in an individual.


5. You are a Leader in yourself:

Imagination is the key element before we do even a small action. And for being a Leader of not just Men and Machines, but in any walk of Life, it is important to have a strong imagination. Imagine what you want to do, how you achieve the goal, how and what are we going to speak, and ultimately how do you need to execute your action to achieve the goal. If this is mastered, you will start imagining yourself as a Leader and will act like one. Please remember, most of the things that we experience are based on what and how we feel about them. And if we feel about ourselves like a good leader, automatically our subconscious sides start behaving that way.

6. Value The Present:

Do you know is the best thing about this moment? This moment itself. Just look around. There might be people, or natural beauty, or your loved ones, or any other environment. And think deeply for a minute, did this moment come anytime before?? No. This is an unique moment. This has never happened before and you are here, living this moment. This is what the specialty of this new moment is. Many say, ‘Live in the present’. But what does this really mean? It means, to focus and get indulged in what you are doing currently. Future would automatically take care of you, if you do the best in what you are doing now. Hence, ‘Value The Present’.


7. Time Is Precious And Has To Be Used Very Meticulously:

In this fast moving world, it is important to utilize the time we have in our hands. We all listen to the Defence personnel, saying every second is important in the Forces. If we think well, then it is because they value the time they have and make sure that they utilize it to become ready for any challenge that has even the slightest of the possibility that they might come across. In the same way, if we realize how many things can be done in our ‘1 Single Life’, then we will automatically start utilizing the time in a much better way. For a start, utilize the time by preparing your mind for the next day’s schedule, by preparing a plan of what additional can be done in free time that will be of use and a value adder for your goals and aims, by planning in prior what can be done that gives a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day. Execution being an important part, make sure you execute what you have planned by the energy and synergy you have got, in the time you have got.


8. Be Happy Of Whatever Minutest Of The Things We Have In Our Life:

Today, we have some or the other thing with us. It might be parents, siblings, friends, seniors, juniors, teachers, money, fame, responsibility, etc. But does this make us happy always? If Yes, you are at real peace and satisfaction. But most of us, want some more, some more and even more than what we have. This is indeed normal human psychology and perfectly fine.

But at the same time, it is important to make sure that we embrace what we have, and make real good use of those resources and things. As such, there is no end to a human wants. But it is vital to have our own conscious effort to make sure we become happy and have a sense of satisfaction at certain intervals of time, be it, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year.

9. Resourcefulness Is Important:

Being resourceful is one of the major need of a Defence Officer. Being resourceful doesn’t mean being rich or having everything. Rather it means, being so capable, that we can think of ideas, ways and other secondary resources, using which we can achieve our targets and aims. Ultimately, it is extremely important to have such a kind of mindset, that says, ‘I can do it, by hook or by crook.’


10. Embrace The Unhappened:

Many of the youngsters and middle aged people of today, think that their life is quite boring, dull, uneventful and not much adventurous. They also think, there is no much enjoyment or thrill in their life. But here, it is really important to think from a positive side. How many of such people think by seeing a poor child begging, blind lady crossing a road, an ugly looking husband or a wife of others, a poor family, a disabled person, an uninteresting job of other person, etc., ‘Thanks God! That did not happen to me’??? Because these above mentioned people might think every minute, ‘Why are we not as good as them? Why are we not as healthy as them? Why are we not as good looking as them? Why are we not as rich as them? Why don’t I have a job like them? And so on….’, when they look at you.

Therefore, it is very important to realize and be happy for something that has not happened to us. Make sure, we embrace those unhappened things.


11. Accept What Is Wrong and Lacking:

It is very important to be honest with ourselves, before being honest to others. For a stress-free and mind peaceful Life, it is very important that we accept what is lacking in us and what wrong we do that makes us lacking somewhere. They say ‘Honesty Is The Best Policy’. This is in that context, that we be honest with ourselves, accept the lacking and wrongs parts and develop ourselves to get on the right track. One who masters this skill, masters how to deal with self and with people.

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12. World Needs Swift and Quick, Consistent and Persistent people:

Today’s world is very fast moving. And in this world, the most needed ones are those, who are robust mentally and physically. And for gaining the required level amount of robustness, it is required for us to practice a lot of things quickly and be an amazing all-rounder. Not just academically meritorious or meritorious only in extra-curriculars, the world needs all-rounders, who have proficiency in all aspects of Life. And the ones who practice this regularly, will gradually get a swiftness and consistency in being the Best Of What They Are.


13. Helping Hand Is A God’s Hand:

Remember if anyone who might have given their extra pencil in an exam during childhood? Remember anyone who might have helped by lending some money when we needed it really hard? Remember anyone who might have helped you reach hospital on time, an exam center or home on time, helped you when you might have got injured, and so on….??

At that time, we might have really felt their help as God’s Help. In the same way, remember you heling anyone in for some or the other reasons? This would have certainly given a lot of satisfaction and a sense of being responsible person. It indeed is True and that what is needed in today’s Life. Everyone needs some or the other help. Even we do need it a lot of times. Hence, it is an unique realization to understand when a person needs help and support. This quality automatically makes us a lot better person, loved by all, and in return gives a lot of positivity in Life, if we have this practice consistently followed.



Thinking if this is a typo!! It is not.

The Full Form is:
V-Vision: To have Vision of a goal, aim or target.

C-Clarity: To have Clarity on what all things will be required to accomplish that Vision.

M-Motivation: To have Motivation to complete that thought of Vision 100%, with Best possible output.

P-Preparation: To have the required amount of Preparation. This is a very important one. Here, the level of preparation needs to be such, that we have solution for any possible challenge that might be faced. If in case missed, still we need to have the Confidence to solve it when faced in actual Execution phase.

K-Knowledge: To have the required amount of knowledge. It is important to note, that once a person has knowledge, automatically the proficiency and confidence level is at a very higher level.

C-Confidence: To have Confidence on yourself, the success of the Plan and Preparation that took place, and the Knowledge that we have.

E-Execution: Final and the most important part. To execute what we have planned for, what we have gained so many experiences and knowledge for, what we have spent so much of time for. And once the execution is done successfully, we would realize the taste of it when we finally realize the sense of satisfaction-cum-accomplishment of this Vision.


15. Dedication and Confidence:

Once a great man said “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced”. These words have been inspiring a lot of people since they were spoken. In today’s reality, we might or might not be required to dedicate our Life to only 1 thing. We have a lot of things to do in our Life. And talking about being a Defence Officer, he or she has to dedicate their Life to the Best of whatever they do, which includes not 1, 2 or 3, but many things. And this dedication has to come with a lot of Confidence in self, others and the environment we live in. Being dedicated has a great advantage too. We have to just do something each day, and contribute a percent to our Success and Happiness. Hence it is said “Run. If not possible, walk. If not possible, crawl. But, do not stop.”  So, make sure we are always striving to do at least some activity daily, related to our Dreams, Goals and Aims, that would altogether contribute to our Success and Happiness.

16. Be ‘Captain Cool’.

As mentioned in all the above qualities, it is must to be energetic, enthusiastic of what we do, a good person, and altogether a leader of your Life. Hence you can say, ‘I Am The Captain Of My Life’. Along with all such qualities, the subordinates look for how composed and calm person you are. It is the calm behavior, which defines how stable our Leader is. Best examples are Field Marhsal Sam Manekshaw, M S Dhoni, Kapil Dev, and many more. Certainly, in Defence Forces, nothing happens without ‘Josh’ and ‘Aggression’. But it is that Leader’s cleverness, of when he or she should be ‘Aggressive Captain’ and when to be ‘Captain Cool’.

17. There are no ‘Buts’ and ‘I Tried’ In A Successful Person’s Life:

You might be a senior or even if not, might have surely come across these kinds of statements: “I tried to do it, but was unable to complete it”, “I tried everything, but its not possible”, and the list goes unending if you gave a task to someone or you were given a task by someone. For a successful person, no obstacle is a challenge for them. You give a task to them and they complete it. They like to neither give nor hear any excuses. Because they understand the value of each task given to them, make it an opportunity, if required they put every possible resource to make it happen, ad automatically succeed in what they were looking for. If you observe carefully, they hardly give any excuse.

18. There Is Only 1 Life To Live:

Ultimately, there is only 1 moment, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 Life to Live. We cannot go back to that moment and ask for what we might have missed to do at that time. Today, we might have something and don’t have something other. But as mentioned above, we should have such qualities, that we make way and get what we want, without hurting anyone in any way.

The one who is successful, hardly regrets. This is because he or she has understood the value of Life and makes sure to ‘Make The Best Of It’.

Imagine yourself of 65 to 70 Years of age, lying on the bed, with hardly any activity possible. At that time, we cannot say, ‘I should have prepared much better for my SSB during those days and got selected into the Defence Forces as an Officer, rather than going through the 2nd option career of my Life, and so on….’. There might be no limit to regrets over here in such cases.

Hence, make sure to Life A Happy, Healthy, Energetic and Satisfactory Life, because…. ‘There Is Only 1 Life To Live’.


Hoping this article helps the readers and conveys the purpose and feelings of why this article was created.

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