Role of Indian Armed Forces in containing Novel Coronavirus outbreak

Indian Armed Forces role in containing coronavirus
Indian Armed Forces role in containing coronavirus

Role of Indian Armed Forces in containing Novel Coronavirus outbreak: The 21st century has seen an increasing number of natural calamities and outbreaks with alarming intensity. Right from 2001 Bhuj earthquake to recent outbreak of novel Coronavirus, each of these times have seen the active involvement of the armed forces in the relief operations.

” From natural calamities to outbreak of communicable diseases such as Coronavirus, you can count on armed forces to deliver effective and systematic manner.” says Lt. Gen. B. K. Chopra (Retd.)

Novel Coronavirus outbreak

The recent outbreak had shook grounds all over the globe. China being the origin place of this pandemic is highly affected followed by Italy. On the contrary side India being second populous country and sharing borders with China had shown much less outbreak. All thanks to vigilant Indian Government and Indian Armed Forces

Indian Army had played major role in evacuating Indian students from China and all other affected areas. Recently, a unit had been dispatched with a team of scientists and a lab to Iran because Iran refused the screening of Indian diaspora there.

The selflessness of Indian Armed Forces in containing Coronavirus

Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and Airport Health Authority (APHO) are jointly conducting the screening at airports. During the screening, individuals with any signs and symptoms are being directly transferred to the base hospital in Delhi Cantt.

The Indian Army is also going to setup quarantine facilities for 1500 people in different parts of the country. These include Jaisalmer, Suratgarh, Secunderabad Chennai and Kolkata in a bid to contain novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Indian citizens who were in  China (Wuhan) and Iran were evacuated by Indian Air Force with C-17 Globemaster aircraft on two occasions. The aircraft had a specialist medical team on board of integrated Forces. On the second occasion, a total of 57 pilgrims who had visited Quom, Iran were brought by C-17 aircraft on 10 March 2020 to Air Force Station Hindan

Measure to take from Coronavirus

The men in uniform had been asked to avoid crowded places and non-essential foreign travel. A detailed advisory had been issued by the army headquarters with regards to tackling the Coronavirus outbreak. Similar guidelines had been issued by IAF. The navy had to defer it’s maritime exercise (Milan)  scheduled between March 18-28.

Indian Armed Forces are doing all they could to prevent the massive outbreak in India. They are doing their part of the job, the other half of the job lies with us. At this point of time, we have to behave as responsible citizens of India. So follow the instructions released by the government and health authorities regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

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The Helpline Number for corona-virus: +91-11-23978046


Indian Armed Forces role in containing coronavirus

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