SSB interview: Know why it is called life changing experience

SSB Interview: Know why it is called life changing experience
SSB Interview: Know why it is called life changing experience

SSB interview: Know why it is called life changing experience: SSB is probably one of the few platforms where sense of brotherhood, fraternity collaboration and mutual understanding is seen long before being a part of the most elite and respected organizations of our country. It is a place where candidates don’t have to outdo others. A place where you see glimpses of Chasteness and discipline within the armed forces. SSB is where you don’t have to put extra effort to show your abilities, assessors will shake you and take everything out of you.

SSB interview: Know why it is called life changing experience

In my opinion, whether you’re interested in the armed forces or not, you must appear for SSBs atleast once in your youth. They change your perspective, they change your thinking process. It shows you the flaws in your personality which you’ve never known. You start seeing things more deeply and analytically.
Aspirants go for ssb with a lot of misconceptions and presumptions.

Clearing all these from youtube is not a big deal, but actually being capable of removing all the blots is sometimes very challenging. You must have heard things like try to write stories with social issues, logical answers to SRTs, etc. But the question is what you actually want to do? Do you want to crack SSB or do you want to be a deserving candidate that the defense Forces seek? This is where most candidated lack. We appear in SSBs with all the fake attributes, which we think the assessors won’t be able to notice, but these are the barriers to recommendation.

SSB Interview: Why you should Appear once

So now, the point is what should we do to improve ourselves?
Try to be a good human being in your day to day routine, polite, calm and composed. Help others, not for selfish reasons, but for humanity. Talk to your friends about their lives, their problems and help them with whatever your abilities are. Obey your parents, respect your elders, teachers, meditate, be updated with the burning topics in the world, perform your tasks passionately, with all your heart, greet cheerfully whoever you meet. All these would help you in development of personality and confidence. You must have heard “SSB is a subset of life”, it actually is. Being a good human being would render in you the qualities of a good officer. So be selfless in your day to day life.

SSB Interview: Place to know self

Most importantly, don’t be too demotivated after rejection, it only should boost your morale to hit harder the next time. The best strategy to check your preparation is to ask yourself one question daily, honestly.
Would you disgrace the armed forces in civil and military spheres if you become an officer? Your answer to this question decides your standing up to much extents. So just enjoy the process, be yourself, filled with confidence, natural, spontaneous and cooperate with others, half the work is done here.
Also remember, it is just a means to a better end and not an end in itself.

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SSB Interview: Know why it is called life changing experience

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