SSB Psychological Test: Know about the Projective Technique

SSB Psychological tests
SSB Psychological tests

SSB Psychological Tests: This part of the SSB Interview is considered most tricky to crack as it is evaluated by scientific methods by the SSB assessors. SSB Psychological Tests have following tests i.e Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self Description Test (SDT). In this article we will give you tips and methods to know how to crack TAT. Thematic Apperception Test is the first test that is conducted in the psychological test battery in SSB Interview.

SSB Psychological Test: Know about the Projective Technique

These stem from the idea that what one perceives in the world around him is influenced by his own personality, his needs his attitudes and so on. The SSB Psychological tests are based on efforts to elicit from the candidates free responses to stimulus-situations. The assumption is that what he perceives and records as response is a projection of his own self. These techniques therefore, permit the subject to project his personality in terms of free verbal responses about the pictures he sees in ambiguous ink blots. In the plot he may weave around a picture as in Thematic Apperception Test (TAT); free association to a set of selected words as in Words Association Test (WAT), or responses to verbally presented problem situations as in the case of Situational Reaction Tests (SRT), etc. This technique help in finding out the candidate s inner feelings, fears, hopes, attitudes and goals: his adjustment to work and people, and his sense of responsibility; the impact he creates on others, by his intellectual, social, emotional and moral qualities and his leadership potential

SSB Psychological Tests: Crack TAT

In this test you would be shown 12 different Pictures on projector . The last 12th Picture would be blank slide and you would have to write any story of your own. Time given to write your story is 4 min  from which initial 30 seconds would be to observe and see the picture. To prepare for the TAT test, first you need to understand that what is required from you when you attempt this test and write your story. The candidates are recommended by SSB who are possessing Officers Like Quality in their personality. So, first understand and know what are these officers like qualities and how can you inculcate these qualities in your  personality and then in your stories.

Your should write your story in past tense. Your story should have three things i.e what led to the situation, what is going on in the picture and what is the logical outcome of the picture. You should keep in mind here that what led to the situation should be completed in the 2 lines and the present ongoing things or the action part of the story that you have thought should be written in at least 6-7 line and you should conclude your story by giving the logical outcome having good and positive relevance. 

Things you shall keep in mind while attempting TAT

  • Don’t act as superhero or take impractical approach to handle the situation in the given picture.
  • Write story which is practically possible and achievable
  • Think out of the box idea for your story as you must stand out from rest of the candidate in your idea of story writing.
  • Relate stories to your own personality and include your hobbies and interest in your stories where it is possible.
  • Put OLQs in your stories by the way you do actions to a situation given in the pictures

SSB Psychological Test: Some TAT Pictures

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SSB Psychological tests

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