SSB Lecturette, String of Pearls: All you need to know

String of Pearls
String of Pearls

SSB Lecturette, String of Pearls: All you need to know:  What is string of pearls ? String of Pearls refers to a geopolitical theory to the network of the Chinese intention in the Indian ocean region. It is developed by the China in order to establish an Army network and commercial facilities and relationship along its sealine of communication. It is extended from the China mainland to the port of Sudan. This sealine runs through strait of Mallaka, strait of Hormuz and the Lombok strait. It is also extended to other strategic maritime centers including Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Somalia. The China is aiming to expand its Naval presence by building infrastructure along the Indian Ocean.

String of Pearls: All you need to know

This term was a geographical concept and first used in an inter US departmental of Defence report “energy future in Asia”. This term never been used by the official of Chinese govt but often used by Indian media. The Indian govt has taken various measures and India is trying to maintain good relations with South-Asian countries including Maldives, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Bimstec Nations.

String of Pearls: Chinese Intention

China is growing geopolitical influence across Indian Ocean through various ports and airfields, expand and modernise military forces, and foster stronger diplomatic relationships with trading partners is a serious concern for India’s security. They are trying to dominate the South Asian region by dominating the south china sea, deploying its navy in Srilanka’s Hambantota port and financing commercial shipping center there. China is doing same in Burma and Bangladesh. The Chinese government has financed a container shipping facility in Chittagong, Bangladesh, which is widely identified as a pearl in the string.

China has even made Pakistan as there pawn for their own benefit by making China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). They are deploying Chinese military in Pakistan. Gwadar represents an important strategic foothold situated only 240 miles from the Strait of Hormuz.

India’s response to String of Pearls

In present scenario, Indian Govt is doing their best by making international relation with world super powers like USA and Russia and even maintaining good relation with south-eastern countries. Indian govt further announced that it would fund a deep-water port in Sittwe, Burma with an additional highway connecting the port to India. Indian Navy has been regularly conducting joint Naval exercises in the Indian Ocean region.


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