Things to do in Quarantine: Keep Yourself Busy this way!!

Things to do in Quarantine
Things to do in Quarantine

Things to do in Quarantine: A small microorganism can control the most powerful Nations, with huge economy and elite defence systems. Unexpected, right? Well this is the current scenario as we all know of it. The horrifying truth is that we can only avoid it and cannot fight against it, for now. So, the only things that we’re left to do with are those which we never thought are necessary.  It’s now a high time to unite against the novel coronavirus and prove once again that homo Sapiens are the toughest species that exist on the planet. This the time when we can work on nurturing ourselves and our personalities.

Things to do in Quarantine: Keep Yourself Busy this way!!

Spend more time loving yourself, appreciate the little things which never really mattered enough earlier. Like Sunrise, the chirping of birds, cool Breeze at dawn, stars in the dark Sky that gaze upon us from infinity.  We must utilise this period in upgrading ourselves we have a lots of time to focus on our weaknesses and eradicate them by introspection take help of your friends and family to have a third person’s perspective reflect internally and make a firm determination to improve yourself on daily basis

For this, form a routine, stay disciplined and dedicated. Routine saves time in deciding what to do next.
Learn cooking, meditate, make new hobbies, learn new skills, if interested in music learn how to play an instrument, start blogging, start writing your heart’s out you will be relieved of your pressure with this simple yet effective task.
Reading is the key. Be a voracious reader. You will get a lot more knowledge and it will broaden the space of your thoughts. It will impact your thinking and manipulate it in a better direction.

Here are the things you must do during quarantine

  • Fitness is also one of the most important spheres where we must focus. Workout daily if possible, if not do yoga it will generate new energy within you and will improve blood circulation, flexibility, organisation of thoughts, in short, it has millions of benefits, as all of them are directly or indirectly interlinked.

Obviously doing all this would be of no use if you don’t break bad habits, this is a prime time to stop smoking, mobile addiction, etc. Netflix and chill won’t be fun when you waste your prime time in it. Watching movies, smoking, drinking, all are ok if you are not addicted. You must learn to have control over your body and mood. Remember
“Mood is a tyrant, tame it or it tames u. “

  • Helping our parents in daily chores is always underestimated. It gives us immense pleasure and to them to too. It will generate pleasure hormones.  Spend the time in nurturing your relationship with friends and family. Those friends who are not in constant touch, those who have developed some misunderstandings, in a nutshell use this time to become more socially acceptable and cheerful.

In spare times, help poors in your locality with whatever support possible, maintaining social distancing and following other government guidelines. It would save their day and you’ll get blessings too.

Last, but not the least, spread awareness related to the pandemic. Use your social media handles for this purpose. Clarify fake rumours, spread the right ones, provide instructions on how to be safe and healthy. Human have continuously struggled against various forces since prehistoric times. This is just one more of them, we can overcome this with United action and mutual understanding

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Things to do in Quarantine

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