DBO and DSDBO Road: Intimidating the Dragon in Himalayas

What is DBO and DSDBO
What is DBO and DSDBO

DBO and DSDBO Road: It’s been more a month and a half, the conflict between India and China is still going on. Both the countries aren’t backing off, soft talks to ground level combat had also been taking place near Galwan valley. But still, China is claiming that Galwan belongs to them, but we all know that India will never give an inch to them.

But did u thought for a moment why Galwan is important to them?

Why aren’t they backing off from Galwan?

DSDBO Road due to uneven terrain of the land, its nearest distance from the Chinese border is at Galwan valley. as China is famous for cardiological aggression, their greedy eyes are looking for an opportunity to break the backbone.
The simple reason for that is China is worried about the DSDBO construction work. Let’s see how it became a headache to them.

What id DBO and DSDBO

What is DBO and DSDBO

What’s DBO & DSDBO?

DBO— Daulat Beg Oldie.
DSDBO— Dabruk Shyok Daulat Beg Oldie Road.

DBO  is India’s northernmost corner, which in Indian military slang is known as Sub Sector North
DBO is an airstrip at an altitude of 16,614 feet making it one of the highest airstrip in the world.
It is 8 km south of the Chinese border and 9 km away from LAC in Northwest direction and it adjoins the important geographical areas like Aksai chin, Chip Chap river and Jiwan Nalla.
In 2000, the Indian government planned for DSDBO that connects Leh to DBO. It was expected to be completed till 2012 but due to flooding in the summer season, it used to face damage. Now, this all weathered road is about to complete this year.
DSDBO Road is a 255 km long road that connects Dabruk-Shyok DBO with Karakoram pass and in between Shyok (last Indian village in that region) & Karakoram pass lies Daulat Beg Oldie, a plateau at 16614 feet, which is a military base of Indian govt for Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) used by IAF for dropping essential military supplies.

What id DBO and DSDBO

What id DBO and DSDBO

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DBO and DSDBO Road: Intimidating the Dragon in the Himalayas

The strategic importance of both DBO was built during the 1962 war, but until 2008 it wasn’t used. Indian Air force, in 2008, considered it as one of the important ALG’s along LAC and landed an Antonov An-32, making DBO an active military base.

As DBO is at the base of the Karakoram pass which divides Ladakh from China’s Xinjiang province, which is a problem to Chinese. But DSDBO construction made them insecure.
As DSDBO bifurcates toward the hilly areas Galwan valley, it overlooks around the main road area of DSDBO.

China objected about it in the past because they were sure about the faster and easy deployment of Indian forces in that area, which will make them timid about their existence.
Earlier only C-130J (heavy-lift aircraft) used to reach the ALG but now DSDBO solved that issue.

Indian troops can now patrol the area with ease. But DBO is also a problem to china and Pakistan both, as the western region of DBO is adjacent to both countries borders at Gilgit-Baltistan area where CPEC project is currently going on.

So that’s a reason why Chinese are shittin’ in their pant

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What is DBO and DSDBO

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